Profile and pipe cutting on a CNC band saw

Fast, precise, cost effective


We perform profile and tube cutting on a computer-controlled band saw KASTO TWIN A4
The machine enables us to cut profiles up to maximum width and height of 400 mm.

Technical specifications

Cutting area
Material shape square / rectangle / round
Cutting range at 90° 400x400mm / 400x400mm / 400mm
Shortest residue length 20 mm

ADVANTAGES of cutting materials on a CNC band saw KASTO TWIN A4

  • We can cut tubes and profiles stacked in bundles of several pieces.
  • The program allows us to run a series of different lengths to maximize our efficiency.
  • Cutting precision up to 0.1 mm
  • We can cut all types of metallic and non-metallic materials
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CNC razrez profilov_premer cevi

Tube diameter: 400 mm

CNC razrez profilov_snop

Width and height of a tube bundle: 400x400mm

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